Hustle Donates 1,370,000 Text Messages To Fight COVID-19

Marco Raye
3 min readOct 5, 2020
peer-to-peer texting for nonprofits

Did you know National COVID-19 Remembrance Day was October 4th? Led by COVID Survivors for Change, a nationwide group of COVID victims and survivors, the day included honoring those we’ve lost, celebrating the superhuman-like endurance of frontline workers, as well as placing social attention on the need for a revamped national safety and security plan against COVID-19. In only half a year, over 6 million people in the United States, including the President and First Lady, are diagnosed with COVID-19, and over 200,000 are dead.

To fight back against the staggering virus count, we donated a total of 1,370,000 text messages to help governments, health authorities, and NGOs at the start of the pandemic in March. We offered up to 10,000 free person-to-person text messages per organization to enable community leaders to disseminate important information on COVID-19 proactively and from a safe distance for all. Today we want to share some results our customers experienced when they leveraged peer-to-peer texting as not only pandemic protection, but also to meaningfully engage with their communities.

Hustle Against COVID-19

When we enhance how we communicate and collaborate, we can overcome the toughest of challenges. Here’s how Delegate Lesley Lopez, No Kid Hungry, Reinvent Stockton Foundation used Hustle against COVID-19:

Delegate Lesley Lopez

  • Who: Maryland’s District 39 (Montgomery County)
  • Texts Sent: 10,000 total
  • Engagement Rate: 17.5%
  • Campaign Sample Text: “Hi ____! This is {{Agent Name}} from Del. Lesley Lopez’s office. We’re checking in regarding COVID. Do you, your family or neighbors need any help?”

No Kid Hungry

  • Who: National non-profit campaign to end child hunger
  • Texts Sent: 10,000 total
  • Engagement Rate: 23%
  • Campaign Sample Text: “Hey ___! Erica from No Kid Hungry here. The coronavirus crisis has rapidly closed schools and millions of children have lost the healthy meals they need. We’re on the ground working to ensure kids don’t miss meals and our partner PepsiCO is matching all gifts, up to $1 million now through April 30th! Can you help?”

Reinvent Stockton Foundation

  • Who: Educational non-profit
  • Texts Sent: 10,000 total
  • Engagement Rate: 21% engagement rate
  • Campaign Sample Text: “Hi ____ — this is {{Agent Name}} from Stockton Scholars. We’re reaching out to all of our students in light of COVID-19 to make sure you have access to the education resources you need. Do you have a moment to talk?”

We’re proud to offer such a flexible tool that can be easily implemented across a wide range of organization types whether that be in politics, education, labor, and more. Hustle is what forward-thinking groups use to advocate and mobilize action through text, a preferred method of communication by most in a world of smartphones and tablet use.

Honoring National COVID-19 Remembrance Day and Looking To Tomorrow

For many of us with life as we know it changing in front of our eyes, the question now is, “What more can we do to help each other stay safe in these dangerous times?” At Hustle, we believe sharing updates about closures, workplace safety, sick leave policies, and other critical COVID-19 issues through 1:1 text is a not-so-secret breakthrough when it comes to a frontline defense against the pandemic and a viable opportunity to resonate with your audience.

If you have any questions about our free COVID-19 outreach, or if you would like to get started with Hustle, contact us today and let’s start texting!